OSRS Live Loadout Twitch Extension

Show interactive info about equipment, collection log, inventory, combat statistics, bank, looting bag, ToA invocations and more! Let viewers activate in-game Random Events for an even more immersive experience!

Feature 01

Engage more meaningfully

Avoid repeating yourself over and over again by showing the collection log or what you are wearing and instead talk about tips and amazement you get from your viewers!

Feature 02

Highly customizable

Customize the information shown to your viewers and choose which Random Events to enable. Take control of how you interact with your audience.

Feature 03

High quality immersion

Have viewers immersed in your account progress through pixel-perfect OSRS interfaces. Your viewers will feel like they are in the game.

Feature 04

Encourage viewer engagement in gameplay

Allow viewers to activate Random Events in-game, leading to new levels of engagement.

Feature 05

Reviewed & approved

The Twitch Extension and RuneLite Plugin are reviewed and approved in terms of usability and security by the Twitch and RuneLite Developers.

Feature 06

Always up-to-date

The extension is automatically updated to have the latest items when new content arrives with the weekly OSRS updates.

Setup for FREE in just
a couple of minutes

Get Started Guide:
  • First, install the RuneLite Client and create a Twitch account.
  • After installing the RuneLite client, add the Twitch Live Loadout Plugin via the Plugin Hub.
  • Next, go to your Twitch account and add the OSRS Live Loadout Extension via your 'Creator Dashboard' > 'Extensions' and activate it as 'overlay 1'.
  • On the OSRS Live Loadout Extension page in Twitch, open the 'configure' page.
  • Copy the extension authentication token from the 'settings' tab in the configuration view (tab with account settings icon).
  • Paste the copied token into the Twitch Live Loadout Plugin setting in RuneLite, labeled 'Your copied Twitch Extension token' (first setting from the top).
  • Finally, go to the Twitch Live Loadout side-panel on the right-hand side in RuneLite and verify that the 'Twitch Status' is valid. Then, log in to your OSRS account and check whether new tabs appear in the Twitch configuration view or in your stream.
Configure Random Event Donations (in BETA):
  • Allow the extension to use bits features on your channel. Go to Creator Dashboard > Extensions > My Extensions > Manage Permissions and enable the checkbox.
  • To setup Random Events go to the 'configure' page of the OSRS Live Loadout Extension in Twitch.
  • In the configuration view, go to the 'Random Events' (tab with the mystery box icon).
  • Switch to 'edit mode' and add the Random Events you want, specifying their name, price, and duration.
  • In RuneLite, open the Twitch Live Loadout side-panel on the right-hand side and select the 'donations' tab to verify whether the counter updates in the 'configured donations' section. This may take up to a minute to update.
  • Optionally, test a Random Event by purchasing it from your own stream. Note that you cannot make a purchase from the configuration view, only from a live stream.

Feature impressions

Collection Log
Collection Log
Collection Log
Collection Log
Collection Log
Collection Log

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